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Earth as a building material is one of the oldest and most used building materials. Clay comes in various forms and colors. Mixed with biomaterials, you can achieve different textures and strengths. Building components made of clay have a positive impact on the indoor climate. It stores and releases moisture with a beneficial delay in time. The material returns to its original state when disposed of in nature.

Use clay indoors to improve the interior climate on walls, as a floor, and in the ceiling. It’s easy to maintain and will only look better over time.

Clay finishes are a breathable and healthy alternative to other interior finishes such as paints or wallpapers. Clay paint is naturally pigmented and comes in different colors and shades. You can even add elements such as crushed seashells to add additional effects.

At VALRYGG studio, we gain hands-on experience with natural materials and application techniques. We want to elevate the living environment for people while protecting the nature that surrounds us. Here are some images from the latest clay workshop with Havens Hænder in Copenhagen. We are inspired to use more natural materials in our upcoming projects, homes, and objects. Contact us if we can help you incorporate more natural elements in your new or existing project.

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