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Yttervik is located in Helgeland Coast, with illydic sourroundings by the Ranfjorden. The site provides getaway family activities as boat rentals and kayaking as well as different accomodation opportunities, as camping facilities and traditional cabins to rent.

Yttervik panorama cabins were thought as an opportunity to enhance the site’s potential and engage more visitors to value their local aspects. They were planned for minimal intervention in the landscape, being elevated through steel columns and positioned to be discret and protected from the road side.

The cabins were planed as modules to be fitted and transported by a truck. The simple plan solution maximizes the interior space to be equipped with a functional kitchen, seating area, bathroom and a double bed. The roof angle and the front windows were thought to create a seamless connection towards the water view. The whole cabin is built in CLT and cladded in corrosion-resistant aluminium sheets to be protected from airborne salt. The factory leftovers of CLT boards were used to built some of the interior furnitures.

The paths to access and connect the cabins are currently in progress and they will be available for rent by June 2023.




Project size


Helgeland, Norway


150 sqm

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